• Entered into the 8% of the USA’s population (with my Master’s Degree from CSU, Fullerton)
  • Wrote 60+ papers (5-20 pages per assignment)
  • Commuted 20,640 miles (multiply that by 2 for the hours spent in traffic)
  • Filled up my gas tank 128+ times between internship and classes
  • Accrued 1,100 hours of internship experience
  • Got into one bad car accident, and had one flat tire
  • Packed/unpacked my suitcase 32+ times
  • Received 18 A’s and 2 B’s, receiving an average 3.8 GPA
  • Turned a quarter of a century
  • Bought a home with my boyfriend
  • Moved my brother twice, and myself once
  • Made a few friends, lost a few friends
  • Memorized the Serenity Prayer
  • Read the “Hunger Games” series
  • Lost 25 pounds through Weight Watchers
  • Made 7 scrapbooks

I have learned more about myself, my family, friends, and acquaintances in these two years, than the prior 24 years of my life. Life is too short to take it too seriously. If I had any doubt in my abilities before this MSW program, I sure have eliminated them through this rigorous process. I balanced my family time, my friend time, my boyfriend time, and my “me” time. I learned to function with 6 hours of sleep and to be away from my best friend (my boyfriend) for long periods of time. I have grown extremely close with my best friend (Alex Figge), to the point where I feel I have learned the true meaning of unconditional friendship. I have learned that there is no point to tolerate rudeness, meanness, and/or selfishness from other people in my life; so much so, that I have learned to walk away and drop these relationships. I have learned how important honest and meaningful communication is to the maintaining of positive relationships. I have learned that “text messaging” is the poorest and most cowardly form of communication. I have learned that I have no control of others, and I have accepted this truth. I have learned that I am ultimately in control of my happiness, my relationships, and my life. I have learned that Semi-trucks are like the notorious “honey badger”—as I swear my life flashed before my eyes on numerous occasions. I have learned the importance of “self-care”, and not because I have written hundreds of pages about it. I have learned that family (my parents, my brother, my boyfriend, my best friend) are the apples of my eye. I have learned to say “I am sorry”. I have found other people in my graduating cohort who are just like me, and have the same goals, values, and ethics; this gives me hope for my/our future. I have successfully identified my priorities, and have successfully arranged them by importance. I have become a more “cup half full” type person because of the people I have met, the experiences I’ve seen, and the support/love/encouragement/empowerment I have been given. I have learned that life is not so bad, as long as you are learning along the way! And with all of this ‘learning’ going on, I am thrilled to be where I am at in my life : living in a BEAUTIFUL home with my supportive boyfriend, with a Master’s degree behind my name, and having a family that loves me every inch of the way.

…and its all small stuff.

My brother got me this book titled: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and its All Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is the most perfect book for me…absolutely perfect. I read two chapters and felt inspired to becomes this new peaceful person. I do not want to bore anyone with my jibber-jabber, but after receiving this book I made a resolution to not let the small things get to me, in order to bring more balance and harmony into my life. Less fights, frustration, anger, irritation, annoyance, and uneasiness as the smallest things in life; the t hings I more then often to do not have the control of.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a h uman being can alter his life by altering his attitude" -William James

I am sticking with this philosophy for as long as possible. This is not an easy road for me. I am known to speak my mind, to be blunt, and to say it like it is…I feel its best for everyone involved to know exactly how I feel/think, no bushes to cut around…its all out in the open and people can do with it as they like. If people cannot handle it, well then, that is for them to decide and then adjust accordingly. Although I pride myself in this confidence and strength I have, I also feel that I need to chose my “battles” and ask myself in that moment if this “really will matter in 1 year from now?”. Life is too short, and my anxiety and stress levels are through the roof; I just can’t do this the rest of my life. And this book came into my life at just the right moment. 

As a preview, these are just a few of the inspirational chapters:

  1. Make peace with imperfection
  2. Be aware of the snowball effect of your thinking
  3. Develop your compassion
  4. Don’t interrupt others, or finish their sentences
  5. Look beyond behavior
  6. See the innocence
  7. Allow yourself to be bored

And so many more, incredibly motivating and empowering, topics! Excited for this new year, new start, new journey, and new me!

So it looks like the new year has found us. I know I am a bit late in the game, but: better late then never right? This year for “New Years Eve” we used our home as the gathering place. Brian received three fire pits from Santa. We only made use of one, while we figured out the best plan for the other two. Anyways, we invited everyone we knew; not many people came, but all the important people did! We were excited. Kristyne, James, Harrison, Allen, Katherine, Liz, Jennifer, Heather, Ruth, big Brian, and little Brian and I. I made homemade chili and queso, hot dogs, 7-layer dip, jello-shots, and a bunch of other delicious stuff. We got out the wine cooler to keep all the champagne cool for the “new years toast”, we danced to “just dance 3”, and kept warm by the fire. It was a blast to say the least!

Even the pups made the shot!!! What a great picture, with everyone included as soon as the ball dropped! <3

2012 Resolutions Required:

  1. Maintain my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers
  2. Do not sweat the small stuff, enjoy the little things in life (go-with-the-flow)
  3. Be more aware of my OCD tendencies, and curb them in the moment
  4. Graduate from my Masters program
  5. Learn to knit/crochet
  6. Be more adventurous 
  7. [Start to] Read the Harry Potter series

Yep, that’ll do it! For now, I can add later if necessary :)